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Application Dates

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Talent We Seek

We look for individuals with a unique combination of personal drive and a heart of service for the greater good as serving as future Digital Leaders.

Most importantly, you should possess both the boldness necessary to create an impact on Cambodia’s economic and business landscape and the tenacity to turn business and NGO possibilities into reality.

Digital Marketing Global Scholars also need to be sharp and critical thinkers who can effectively strategize and then communicate ideas to different parties in digitally savvy ways to energize people behind your ideas, products or services.


  • Fulfilled and graduated from a recognized educational institute with a minimum of a good Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

  • Passed the Digital Diagnostic Online Assessment.

  • Show a commitment to the area of Digital Marketing.

  • This Scholarship is only open to Cambodian Citizens or Applicants Living in Cambodia.

Digital Marketing

Global Scholars Award

December 2019 - March 2020

The Digital Marketing Global Scholars Award is Aimed at Nurturing and Grooming Outstanding Young Talented Leaders who are Keen to Architect the Future of Cambodia’s Digital Economy.


  • To increase Cambodian industry capabilities, driving economic growth with leading-edge digital marketing capabilities.

  • To empower local businesses to flourish and even bring Cambodian companies global with digital marketing skillsets.

  • To bring Cambodia into the heart of the future digital economy.

Scholarship Application Process


Submit your application to with
• Completed Application Form 

• A Short Scholarship Essay where we would like to hear your perspectives. 

• Completed Digital Diagnostic Test (54 Questions)

•  An Interview with the Scholarship Judging Panel may occasionally be necessary. This will be determined according to each cohort of Scholars.

Scholarship Essay

Discuss the challenges that the Digital Industry faces in Cambodia - especially in the area of Digital Marketing - and recommend solutions in your essay. This is also your chance to address why you are a good fit for the Scholarship and how the Digital Marketing Certification Program will help benefit you, the company and the customers that you serve. We are also keen to hear how you can return and contribute back your support to the community in the future.

Selection & Announcement

Applications are assessed using the information included in your application and supporting documents. All applicants will be advised of their application's outcome via email.

  • 50% waiver of the course fee. Scholarship recipients fund only the remaining 50%.

  • Additional International Exam Fee included.

  • Granted a special 12-months Digital Marketing Institute Membership.

The Only Global Digital Certification in Cambodia Validated by the World's Most Powerful Digital Brands.

Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC) Members Include:


6 Months Part-Time


Course Fees: USD $1,500

In-Person Exam: USD $200

Please contact us regarding available instalment

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Who is this Professional Certification for?

This program will enable you to learn everything you need to know in digital to kick start or boost your digital career as a digital marketer. It is perfect for:

  • Traditional Marketers

  • Digital Marketing Professionals

  • Sales Professionals

  • Business Owners

  • Career Changers

  • Recent Graduates and Students

  • Entrepreneurs

  • IT Managers

Ready to find out more?

Get the skills you need to kick-start your career in digital marketing or take your current marketing knowledge to the next level. The 12 Week Certified Digital Marketing Professional Program will introduce you to the core disciplines of digital marketing, covering the latest tools, techniques, and methods, delivered by the industry’s leading practitioners. 

We are here to help, and to assist you with your questions and concerns. Drop us a message and a member of our admissions team will be in touch.