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How did my passion shape my life in the Digital Marketing field?

Updated: Aug 10

Kakada is an inspiring individual who aspires to reach his full potential. In this new era, he believes it is critical to acquire good digital marketing skills. That inspired him to enrol in the Digital Marketing program and eventually become a Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) alumni member.

With curiosity about Digital Marketing and a desire for self-development on these skills, he decided to take the course. He did share a lot of knowledge related to digital marketing on his social media, which is beneficial to his network and friends. He enjoys learning new things and sharing them with others, and we are very happy to be privileged in supporting him in chasing his passion.

Study Journey

Throughout the 6 months of his Digital Marketing Program, he enjoyed learning because the program helped him to better understand Digital Marketing Strategies. Besides this, the course also guided him on how to set an effective budget plan for each campaign and how to measure the ROI for different campaigns as well.

After putting in the effort, Kakada officially passed the global exam and holds a lifetime certification as a Digital Marketing Professional, recognized in 135 countries.

Message and Advice

“To the young professionals who would like to start their career in Digital Marketing, I suggest them to start with the Certified Digital Marketing Professional Program (CDMP) because all the modules in this program are really great and they are designed by Digital Marketing Experts around the globe. You won’t regret it!!”.

Do you want to become a DMI alumni member as Kakada does? Contact us now!

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