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Does Digital Marketing matter to my business? Why?

Updated: Aug 10

Bandith is a Managing Director at Mekong View Condo. He learned about Digital Business School Asia (DBSA) by joining our workshop. Bandith believes that learning digital marketing will bring him knowledge and the know-how in running his own businesses.

As a business owner who wants to adapt his business to Digital Marketing, he decided to enrol in the DBSA course to improve his knowledge. He studied the Certified Digital Marketing Professional program (CDMP), which he knows he will learn new knowledge that can apply to his business.

Student Journey

For 6 months, Bandith tried his best to learn as much as he can from the program and he found that the course provided him with a lot of tools and tactics that he can apply to his business. While going through the program, he also applied key digital marketing disciplines - from Social Media to Google Ads and SEO.

After 6 months, Bandith is a proud student and holds his prestigious certificate, which is verified and recognized by 135 countries worldwide.

Message and Advice

Bandith's advice to people who wants to start learning Digital Marketing:

“ First, learn the basic knowledge of marketing and traditional marketing. Then improve your English proficiency. From there, take up the Digital Marketing course with DBSA (Digital Business School Asia)”.

Do you want to improve your business with Digital Marketing the way Bandith did? Talk to us today.

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