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Gain access to an extensive library that will keep your skills sharp and knowledge current.

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Connect to industry trends, to experts who bring unique insights to your work and to thousands of digital alumni around the globe and to new opportunities.

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Valuable Insights

Get access to practical advice from experts for the career moments that matter most: interviews, performance reviews and key stakeholder meetings.

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Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving industry and keeping up with the latest trends, technology, and tools can be challenging.

The Digital Marketing Insitute Membership Platform helps you be a successful Digital Professional.

Join thousands of our alumni that work in companies such as:

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An Exclusive Digital Content Library Designed for You

Designed to help in your day-to-day job, our content library is extensive, exclusive and practical.


Informed by our alumni, industry practitioners and subject matter experts, our platform is filled with relevant and cutting-edge content designed to keep your skills sharp and knowledge current.

Get Connected to Tools to Help You Succeed
  • Expert practical and thought-leading content to guide your career

  • High-quality templates to boost your employability

  • Career zone to support professional development

  • Access to the latest industry news and updates

  • Learning activities through webinars and online programs

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

As a digital professional, you know that skills and knowledge need to be nurtured and updated.


Membership enables that by aligning your knowledge and capabilities by expanding the lifespan of your certification through an exclusive MyCPD area.

How does it work?

Every certified member involved in the CPD scheme commits to participating in activities that will expand and extend their knowledge and skillsets. All these activities will be tied back to your certification to keep your knowledge up-to-date and relevant in your specialist area.


Examples of activities include:

  • Qualification Studies

  • Training Programs

  • Events

  • Coaching and Mentoring Programs

  • Imparting Knowledge

“The knowledge I gained at the Digital Marketing Institute has helped me in my current role, executing marketing campaigns on a global scale.”

Davin Kelly, Twitter

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