Our Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC)

Digital Industry Validation

Our Global Industry Advisory Council represents the world’s largest and most influential brands. A digital powerhouse, the Council contributes to the development of globally recognized standards supporting digital marketing education for individuals, educators, and organizations.

Working with the institute, the Global Industry Advisory Council members define the skills agenda to address the global digital skills shortage. Through review and discussion of the curriculum and certification, the Global Industry Advisory Council ensures that Digital Marketing Certifications are aligned with our digital economy's most in-demand skill sets.

The Council has an independent chair and members from the digital industry, educators, employers, recruitment specialists, and policymakers.

Global Industry Advisory Council Members:

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How the Council Works?


The Global Industry Advisory Council is the digital industry based working group that defines and validates the Digital Marketing Institute certification syllabus. By providing strategic advice and expert recommendations on a regular basis, the Council validates learning content to ensure you learn the most up-to-date digital skills, core competencies and knowledge needed to thrive in your career.


The Global Industry Advisory Council set the skills agenda to address our global digital skills shortage. The Council provides deep industry insights into current digital job role requirements, defining the up-to-date knowledge, skills, and competencies required to build the global digital economy. Once these in-demand skills are defined, the Council ensures that our syllabus is refined to ensure that what you learn meets the digital industry's most in-demand digital needs.

Defining Global Standards

To promote excellence in the digital marketing industry and to strengthen the profession through the creation of relevant supporting standards, insights, and practices that can be applied globally, we have created a unique collaboration through the Global Industry Advisory Council with educators, industry, and influencers to ensure current and future trends.


The Global Council members meet twice annually to actively set the agenda for digital marketing professions.

The Global Industry Advisory Council identifies current and future trends, contributing to 'best practice' advice, industry research, and insights for professionals and the industry. This offers guidance on an educational framework to support the development and promotion of the digital profession and the opportunities for individuals and businesses.

Global Members

Members are invited from global leadership organizations that constitute business and consumer leadership, engagement and innovation in technology, platforms, brands, agencies, and influencer domains.


All members agree to Global Industry Advisory Council Governance terms which are published and annually reviewed under confidential terms of engagement.

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