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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



How do I get more information about programs offered by Digital Business School Asia?

Digital Business School Asia offers global certificate courses on the topics of Digital Marketing. You can get more information by:
• Viewing the "Our Professional Programs" menu on • Speaking to an admissions officer by emailing or contacting us through Facebook at

Are Digital Business School Asia Certification Programs recgonised by industry?

Yes. Digital Business School Asia is an Education Partner of the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) - the Global Certification Standard in Digital Marketing Education, producing more graduates trained to a single digital marketing standard than any other certification body. Our curriculum is developed together with global digital experts and leaders in the industry to define the skills and qualifications required by today’s digital marketing professionals.

Are Digital Business School Asia programs full time or part time? How is the online program delivered - do I need to take leaves from work to attend classes?

Digital Business School Asia programs are fully-online programs.

All course materials are accessible 24/7 on the Learning Management System. If there is a live webinar and you are unable to attend, a recording of the webinar will be shared with you. You are required to invest 2-4 hours each week on studying program materials and completing assignments, depending on how fast you are able to comprehend the learning materials.

Our programs allows full flexibility and we do not require your physical attendance on a campus except to take and pass a final exam in person at your nearest Pearson VUE Centres.

Why study online with Digital Business School Asia?

Digital Business School Asia provides the global certification standard in Digital Marketing Education, as the Sole Education Partner of Digital Marketing Institute in Cambodia. Recognised in 135 countries, the Digital Marketing Certification program is most widely taught digital certification standard in the world.
The program is developed with strong collaboration with global digital experts to define and develop the skills and qualifications required of today’s digital professionals.

How much previous knowledge and industry experience do I need to have to enrol in a program?

A digital marketing background is not required for our Certified Digital Marketing Professional Certification. The aim of our certification is to enable you to learn everything you need to know, to kick start a career in digital marketing or to equip yourself with skillsets to enhance the marketing efforts of your business. The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in digital marketing and want to progress your career or business. Do note that all Digital Business School Asia programs are taught in English, and you are required to submit assignments and complete examinations in English.

My professional experience is in a different industry. How beneficial would a Digital Marketing Certification be for my professional career?

Our world has been transformed through digital technologies. We believe that every professional and business owners today requires skills in digital marketing as this impacts different industry and functions.

How do Digital Business School Asia Certification Programs compare with other institutes?

Our main differentiator is: • Industry Relevant Learning - Our certification is validated by the world's most powerful digital brands through our Global Industry Advisory Council (GIAC). This ensures that what you learn is always relevant and in demand. • Global Certification - You will be awarded a certification which is recognised globally upon completion of course, and passing of the industry accredited examination. • Global Alumni Network - With alumni in 135 countries, you will be part of a community of global digital leaders that allows you to have access in opportunities globally

Are your certification programs practical?

Digital Business School Asia’s curriculum is industry validated and constantly updated to ensure that all modules are up-to-date to the most in-demand and relevant skills required for professionals to apply the new digital skillsets into the work you do. Our immersive online learning model is interactive, industry-based and social, ensuring that you are not only always engaged but is taught vital skills that are practical.

This is evident in the success of our students with over 92% of graduates saying that the Digital Marketing Institute qualification has had a positive impact on their career.

Curriculum and Lesson Structure

How are the certification programs conducted?

Our courses are all online, designed and developed by Global Digital Marketing Industry Leaders. You would have access to all the learning materials 24/7 with the help of a dedicated Learning Manager to on-board you on the program, and guide you through the entire program until you sit for the examination in-person.

You are also able to participate with active discussions through Social Media platforms with other like-minded students to exchange ideas and study together online. We have witnessed high energy, great discussions and enriching interactions in between students.

How will I be notified about new learning materials, lecture topics and assignments?

On commencing the program, your learning manager will provide you a suggested "Learning Structure" for the entire program. You will receive alerts, announcements, email reminders, Facebook messages and phone calls (if required) to keep you on track. Our learning and engagement model ensures that no learner is left behind and every student will successfully complete and be awarded the Global Certification upon passing the in-person examination.

How long are the video lectures? And how many hours do I have to go through per week?

Our interactive learning experience is designed with bite-sized modules of videos of 2-10 minutes that involves over 130 topics. The total course hours is 30 hours in 3 months. However, the time spent on the video lectures and learning materials depends on the concept being taught and your level of competency. Most importantly, a series of practical exercises designed for you helps you further grasp the subject matter.

Do you provide guidance throughout the course?

Yes, you would have a Learning Manager who are dedicated and passionate about the subject matter that you could refer to, and ask questions whenever needed. The Learning Manager ensures that you succeed in obtaining your global certification by passing the required in-person examination that holds the same standard across 135 countries.

I am a busy professional. Will I be able to complete the certification?

Yes. This course is designed for Working Professionals in mind with majority of our alumni being Working Professionals. Your Learning Manager will provide you with a suggested Learning Structure and we would also encourage you to plan your schedule accordingly. Your dedicated Learning Manager will also follow up with you to ensure you stay on track throughout the course.

What is the recommended computer or mobile phone to access this online program?

Our Online Learning Management System is accessible through your computers, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection.

How do I attend class? Do I need to attend class?

You will be provided a login to the Digital Business School Asia's Learning Management System. You will perform all your learning activities including attending classes on the system. This is an online program; you will not have to travel anywhere to attend classes.

Who do I contact if I have problem with the online system?

Your dedicated Learning Manager will help you with all the problems you have throughout your program. Upon enrolment, you would be introduced to your Learning Manager.

Applying and Admissions

How do I enroll in a Certification Program with Digital Business School Asia?

To enrol in a program, please contact and our Admissions Manager will follow up with the enrolment process. The steps is as follow: 1. Contact Admissions Manager 2. Fill in the Form with Details Required 3. Complete Digital Diagnostic Online (To determine level of proficiency)
4. Pay Tuition Fees through Bank Transfer
5. Be Introduced to Learning Manager, and Your Learning Begins!

What are the documents and information required to apply for an online certification program?

Upon contacting our Admissions Manager, you will need to complete the Program Application Form with the neccessary basic information such as personal information, education details and work experience.
No other documents is needed after payment of tuition fees.

How many times do you run the programs each year?

Our admissions process is ongoing and we receive students throughout the year. It typically takes between 1-2 weeks, from application and completion of payment to starting of your certification program,

Tuition Fees & Payment

What are the payment methods available to make payment for tuition fees?

We accept local bank transfer.

How do I know if a bank transfer has reached Digital Business School of Asia?

Please email your Admissions Manger the Bank Transfer Reference Slip (or screenshot) upon completion of transaction. We will email you a confirmation of receipt.

Do you accept partial payment or installment?

No, we currently only accept full payment upon admissions. Please contact us for further details.

Grading and Assessment

Do I need to sit for any examinations?

Yes. Upon completion of program (within 3 months), you are required to register for an in-person examination at your nearest Pearson VUE Centre. The duration of the exam is 180 minutes. A range of different question formats are used including Text based Multiple Choice; Image-based Multiple Choice, Matching and Hot Spot questions.

Will I get a certificate for this program?

Yes. Upon successful completion of program, and passing of the in-person examination, you will be rewarded a globally accredited certificate by Digital Marketing Institute and is part of the global alumni network across 135 countries.

How long is this certificate valid?

Similar to all Professional Certifications from any world-recognized educational institutes, our Professional Certificates awarded to you are valid forever and have a lifetime tenure.

Ready to find out more?

Get the skills you need to kick-start your career in digital marketing or take your current marketing knowledge to the next level. The 6 Months Certified Digital Marketing Professional Program will introduce you to the core disciplines of digital marketing, covering the latest tools, techniques, and methods, delivered by the industry’s leading practitioners. 

We are here to help, and to assist you with your questions and concerns. Drop us a message and a member of our admissions team will be in touch.