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Marady Meas,

Trade Promotion Specialist

I find each course of CDMP very engaging in its user-friendly learning platform with a range of learning resources from video lectures, study notes, practical exercises to quizzes, which catalyze my understanding. Moreover, I have a chance to discuss face-to-face with other learners on promoting a business product by using digital tools from the courses to generate a practical digital marketing plan.

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Digital marketing is not a standalone skill in terms of business. In order to be successful in this digital economy, I would recommend any who are interested in this field to consider learning some skills such as business communication (verbal or nonverbal), project management, and Psychology, which help you to understand what and how people think since they heard about your product/service until they recommend yours to their friend.

Sakal Meas

Performance Marketing Specialist

I love how the end of each CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Professional) module has an interactive quiz. It is quite fun for me and helps me review and test my knowledge after finishing each module. Additionally, CDMP provided enough study materials for the course. Even if you miss out on some points or are not very good at English, you can always go back to look at study notes and presentation slides to catch up.

Chansolinda Thim

Social Media and Project Manager at Melon Rouge Agency

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I think Digital Marketing plays a crucial role for almost all businesses nowadays because it is the new arrival of new media. Digital technology can help achieve marketing goals.


My motivation to start learning the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) Program was to help transform me into a Professional Digital Marketer.

Polin Oeurn

Graphic Designer and Video Editor

I think to build a strong Digital Economy we really need a lot of skilled young professionals.

I also truly believe that females are capable of anything. So never limit your capability or vision as a female.

Mork Chansokol 

Assistant Consultant

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